Promotion to Supra Grade of Public Management Assistants Results

Competitive Examination for Promotion to Supra Grade of Public Management Assistants’ Service on Merit Basis – 2017

The list of names prepared on the order of the index numbers including the names of the eight hundred and sixty three (863) applicants, who have secured not less than 40% for the written test of the above competitive examination held on 25.03.2018 by the Commissioner General of Examinations, is hereby published and special attention is drawn to the following.

1. Action shall be taken to fill 143 vacancies in Supra Grade of Public Management Assistants’ Service on the order of merit determined on the marks secured at this examination and marks secured for the seniority and experience of the applicants.

2. Department of Examinations has issued only a list of names without marks and the Interview Board also has no awareness of the marks given at the examination.
3. Marks shall be awarded at the interview for seniority and experience and action shall be taken to forward the said marks to the Department of Examinations and promote 143 persons, who have secured the highest marks for the written examination, seniority and experience with the approval of Public Service Commission. Calculation of the marks for the same shall be done by the Department of Examinations.

4. Calling for this interview shall not be the only qualification for obtaining an appointment. Kindly note that the date and time of this interview shall be informed to each applicant mentioned in this document in due course.

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