Recruiting 100,000 unemployed

The programme to recruit 100,000 unskilled and low educated individuals from low income families has commenced with the purpose of providing permanent employments to this segment of the society to maintain high –level of social welfare in a people-centric economy.

Eligible candidates are requested to complete the application form prepared according to the specimen published in newspapers on 20th January and submit the same before 15th February 2020 to their respective Grama Niladharis.

After verifying information, Grama Niladharis should submit the completed applications by 20th February to their respective Divisional Secretaries. Provision of false information will be subjected to disciplinary action.

Occasional inspections should be carried out by the Divisional Secretaries to ensure priority has been given to members of lowest income families who have the potential for employment.

The Department of Multi-Purpose Development Task Force will conduct interviews for 5 days commencing from 26th February 2020. The training period will start on 02nd March. The participants will be given a monthly allowance of Rs. 22,500 during the continuous training period of 6 months. Those who successfully complete the training will be absorbed into the public sector 01st October 2020.

  1. Agricultural Production Assistant
  2. Nursing and Cleaning Service Assistant
  3. Community Health Promotional Assistant
  4. Disaster Management Assistant
  5. Environmental Management Assistant
  6. Marketing Services Assistant
  7. Transport Assistant
  8. Computer, Information Technology, Telephone Operator and Communication Assistant
  9. Drug Prevention Assistant
  10. Chef, Restaurant Attendant and Eatery Assistant
  11. Star Class Hotels. Bungalow Assistant and Gardening Assistant
  12. Sports Institute, Physical Development Centre Assistant, Stadium, Swimming Pool Assistant and Life Guard Assistant
  13. Carpenter and Carpentry Assistant
  14. Tailoring
  15. Mason and Masonry Assistant
  16. Beauty Palour Assistant
  17. Electrician and Electrician Assistant Services
  18. Driver and Driving Assistant
  19. Animal Husbandry and Fishing Assistant
  20. Filling Station Assistant and Vehicle Cleaning Assistant
  21. Nets and Fishing Gear Repair Assistant
  22. Unarmed Security Guard
  23. Pre-childhood Development Assistant
  24. Welding Assistant and Plumber
  25. House-keeping, Welfare and Maintenance

An application prepared on the application form given in this notification may be obtained from the relevant Divisional Secretariat. Applications duly completed should be handed over to the Grama Niladhari of the relevant Grama Niladhari Division on or before the 15.02.2020.
Director General
Department of Multi-purpose Development Task Force

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